Powerful  Electronic   Stethoscope   -     Hearing Aid for doctors 

 Auscultaion is easy !
 Diagnosis is simple 
 and  more  reliable

 Loud  and  Distinct
 I,II,II,&IV heart sounds

 respiration sounds
 and cardiac murmurs


    STETHTRON  -  specially designed for doctors with hearing loss

The STETHTRON   Model  HG-900 is  designed for medical professionals with  hearing loss such as:-
a)  Doctors who can hear and converse normally ; but have difficulty in hearing heart or lung sounds through a stethoscope. Or, those who have difficulty in picking up  faint  murmurs ;  or, blood pressure sounds. 
b) Doctors who use a Hearing-Aid to  compensate for  mild to high neuro-sensory  hearing loss. With the hearing-aid, they are able to listen and manage normal  conversation ; but are unable to use the conventional stethoscope, which is so essential in their medical  practice. 

Stethtron has a built-in  miniature amplifier that gives 10 times the amplification of the conventional stethoscope. The volume can be  adjusted by a graduated potentiometer. It uses an electronic Filter switch to differentiate sounds of variable  pitch and special noise-reduction circuitry to minimize external  noise. 

Other features are :-  epoxy sealed printed circuit board, chrome-metal chest-piece, soft polymer tubing, feather soft ear-tips, and stainless steel binaural spring. Powered by one 3 Volt Lithium cell, it is extremely small  and light in weight. 

It makes auscultation diagnosis easy and is a boon for doctors with hearing loss .

Doctors !      Listen to Life with Ease  ..... Hear what you were missing !

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